Mid-South PEMF

Mid-South PEMF is owned and operated by Andi and Bryan Anderson who have over 30 years of combined healthcare experience. Both hold advanced degrees in the field of Nurse Anesthesiology, are Certified Magna Wave Practitioners (CMWP) for human therapy and are currently completing equine and small animal PEMF certifications. Andi and Bryan have personally experienced the benefits that PEMF therapy has to offer and their goal is to bring PEMF therapy to their friends and neighbors to help improve the overall health and wellness of people and animals alike.

A little bit about Andi and Bryan. Andi has ridden horses since the age of one, adores dogs and is an all-around animal lover. She competes in barrel racing and enjoys trail riding. She was introduced to PEMF therapy in 2015 while riding competitively and has personally experienced the benefits both in herself and in her animals. Helping people and animals is ingrained in every facet of Andi’s life from personal and professional to hobbies.

Bryan’s professional career is centered around helping diverse populations by providing the highest level of care during some of the most stressful life experiences they encounter. He first learned of PEMF therapy in 2015, but it was a hand injury that really brought the full picture of what PEMF does for healing, pain relief, and wellness. This personal experience motivated him to extensively research the scientific evidence behind PEMF and decide that he wanted to help provide access to the amazing benefits of PEMF on a larger scale. Together, Andi and Bryan desire to help improve access to the healing and wellness benefits that PEMF therapy has to offer.


 We use the Magna Wave Pulse Pro!
It’s perfect for equine, humans and small animals with short treatment times!

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